What do you think is the #1 reason your website is underperforming?

1. You don't have enough traffic?
2. You need to do better in Google search?
3. You need to run Facebook ads?
4. You need to use social media better?
5. You aren't tech enough?
6. You need a new website?

None of these is the reason why 

The real reason?

99% of websites don't come with the right pieces.  They are designed by developers or graphic artists.  Or they use templated designs.

Developers are tech people who know nothing about marketing or business, the same goes for template creators.

Graphic artists want your site to look beautiful at the expense of making an effective website that can turn visitors into buyers.

Your Home Page Has One Purpose – to Grow Your Business

Find Out The 9 Essential Elements of a Business Growth Home Page
Generate Enquiries
Grow Your List

Your Business

Does your business make most of its sales
• By email marketing to a list?
• By phone or chat or one to one email?

If so…

The big gains for your business will come from increasing conversions from website visitors

 By Conversions we mean actions you want website visitors to take

1. Scheduling or making phone-calls
2. Free discovery sessions
3. Email inquiries
4. Chat or live onsite Messenger inquiries
5. Email signups
6. Session bookings
7. Purchases

The purpose of your website is to support your business by giving you the opportunity to talk to people by email, phone or chat.

Most people lose track of this and instead they make their website into a directionless online brochure, often with information overwhelm.

Most websites are not set up for Conversion.
Conversion means getting people to take an action that you want them to take, such as joining your list or booking a session with you.  

Most websites over-do the information 

Too much information!

They throw everything at website visitors in the hope that something will stick.

Lots of info – an ‘everything but the Kitchen Sink’ approach - many pages, many menu tabs, even drop-down lists from the menu tabs.  

The result?

Confusion and overwhelm! 

Confused visitors leave without taking action.

If it isn’t super obvious what you want people to do when they land on your site, they’ll do nothing and leave.  

How does this happen?

These websites were not designed by people who know first-hand what's required to run a profitable online business.
Simplify the clutter. Have no more than 4 to 6 items on your top menu, remove everything else, and use an extended footer navigation. Simple navigation converts better – less confusion, less choice. More choice reduces conversion.  

Your Home Page Has One Purpose – to Grow Your Business

Find Out The 9 Essential Elements of a Business Growth Home Page
Generate Enquiries
Grow Your List

Imagine what even a small increase in conversion would do for your business
and your lifestyle

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