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Do You Offer One to One Services, Group Programs, Information Products?

Are You...

The purpose of your website is to grow your business by getting you in touch with people, whether that's by phone, chat or email.

But many sites don't achieve this

Does your business make most of its sales by

Email Marketing To A List?

Phone, Chat or One-To-One Email?

If so… the big gains for your business will come from increasing conversions from website visitors

By Conversions we mean actions you want website visitors to take.

Your Website Must Capture Leads – Build Your List.

And It Must Add Value – Deliver Content that People Really Want.

The purpose of your website is to support your business by giving you the opportunity to talk to people by phone, email or chat. These are conversions.

Most people lose track of this with their websites and instead choose information overwhelm. On top of that,  most websites are not set up for conversion, so they don’t manage to get people to take your single, most important, action. 

Your Home Page Has One Purpose – to Grow Your Business

Find Out The 9 Essential Elements of a Business Growth Home Page
Can Generate Enquiries & Grow Your List


Early stage businesses need simple websites, so that they can get to market quickly, without wasting time on an overly-elaborate website. 


Businesses that depend on talking to people to gain new business need a website that gets people to make contact. As these businesses grow, they often evolve into 1:Many products and services so that the entrepreneur can leverage their time and serve more people  


Businesses that offer 1:Many products and services need a website that will build an email list.  

A Question

What is the #1, single most important thing that you want people to do when they land on your website?

In 3 to 7 seconds, a website visitor will either take the one action you want them to, or they will leave your site for good.

Does your website make that single, most important thing super obvious?

Is that one thing obvious and visible on your site above the fold – the first screen before people scroll down?

That is the place to locate your primary CTA – a call to action mechanism – that asks people to do that single most important single thing.  

Without the right CTA in that position, your site is likely to be under-performing

Why have a website?

 The purpose of your website is to support your business by giving you the opportunity to talk to people by phone, email or chat, to grow your list. These are conversions.

Most people lose track of this with their websites and instead choose information overwhelm.

Most websites are not set up for conversion – getting people to take that single most important action.

What Kind of Business Do You Have?

Do you deal with People One on One? In Small Groups? Large Groups?
Do You Sell Online Courses or Information?
Do You Do Public Speaking? Run Live Events? Do You Have a Book or Podcast?
Match Your Business Type and Stage with Your Website

Different kinds of businesses need different kinds of websites

Four Tips

Conversion CTAs on the top part of your home page
Matching your type and stage of business to your website structure, mechanisms and messaging
Declutter the top of your pages, no more than 4 to 6 items
The 4th Tip is Micro Commitments

 Think about when you sign up to receive a free download. You click a button to get the download, then a small window pops up, and you enter your name and email. At each step you’re asked to take another tiny step, each one insignificant in itself. Each step is a ‘micro-commitment.’

Usually there are a few more steps too, more micro commitments.

At each step – each micro commitment – the brain response is that you’ve gone this far already, you may as well take another tiny step.

Micro commitments, CTAs in the right positions, uncluttered simple layouts and matching your business type to your website design, all increase conversion.

Imagine What Even A Small Increase In Leads Would Do For

Your Business And Your Lifestyle

We often see people paying from $10,000 to $30,000 for a website like this, and still not getting the results they needed.

2 Key Insights and A Breakthrough

Many people come to us to get their websites fixed. We started wondered what was going wrong with people’s website projects.

First up we noticed that some essential parts are missing from most websites – no surprise why they don’t work properly.

That key insight – the missing parts – enabled us to create a Website Builder to make websites that do work properly.

And Second, we realized that while some parts of a website are unique to each business, many parts are the same for similar kinds of businesses.

For example, businesses that depend for income on talking to people one on one or on building an email list to market to, have many website requirements in common and those requirements don’t need to be reinvented in every website build.

That second key insight enabled us to create a Website Builder that will save you time and money. We systemized many of the parts that are similar for similar businesses, the parts that cost the most.

This Is the Greatest Time to Have Your Own Business

I’m Rob Turner. I’ve been an online marketer and website builder for many years. Both for clients through our Online Marketing Agency and for my own online businesses as well.

The internet is the great equalizer of business. It has lowered or entirely removed entry barriers. It used to be that if you wanted to reach a global audience you needed a global ad budget but now with $50 in your pocket you can reach anybody anywhere in the world, if you want. And you’re in control of it, no longer are you at the mercy of media giants.

There are 8 billion people on the planet and over 4 billion have access to the internet. The big realization is that we as small biz owners have way more opportunity to reach clients than we ever did before, especially outside of our local area.

But many business owners and solepreneurs are not realizing this dream.

And that’s always bugged me. The opportunity is there but all too often it seems to be just out of reach. 

What Stops People Getting A Site That Works?

“It all seems too complex”

“I don’t know how to design it”

“The tech seems too daunting to tackle”

“Don’t know what to do”

“How do I hire someone for the job?”

“I don’t have the time”

“It’s too expensive”

I help entrepreneurs create a reliable and predictable flow of high quality visitors to their website, so they can focus more of their time on the parts of their business they LOVE, and create more FREEDOM to enjoy their life outside of business, knowing that their website is working for them, 24/7.

How are you going to make money with your website?

Most website designers and developers never consider this essential question.

That’s not surprising as they went to design school or tech school, not business school, so they tend to focus on the wrong things – instead of what’s going to convert traffic into paying customers, day in, day out.

Of course you want your site to look great, but not at the cost of it supporting your business. And ,of course, your site needs to be secure and fast, but that alone won’t make you any money.

Modern website marketing is a descendant of old school direct marketing. Interestingly, most of the same timeless principles apply. If you’ve ever noticed a long sales page on a website and if you’ve ever seen a long direct mail letter delivered in an envelope, you’ll know what I mean.

When you trust your business to website people with no proven experience in direct response marketing, you take the risk of ending up with an expensive online brochure that sits there collecting virtual dust.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people have said to me “I wish I had met you before I wasted $10K (or more) on a website that does nothing for my business.” 

Freedom Websites

We create powerful conversion websites for businesses that provide one to one services, group programs, training and coaching, information products and subscription services – Freedom Websites.

We offer a powerful, done for you, conversion website – made easy!

Here's What You Get

Additional Pages Can Include

Upgrade Options Include

Why Do Website Projects Cost So Much?

There are some parts of new website builds that require many hours of time from website designers and developers. To make a new website, your developer or designer needs to:

  • Learn about and understand your business, offers, target audience, aims, what your business stands for
  • Discuss and create content – identify ideas, write copy and source images
  • Determine the website layout, the home page structure, the pages needed and how they connect together
  • Build the site – development, hosting, emails.

There’s a 5th part that many website makers don’t understand, in fact many don’t even know about it.

That 5th part is Conversion – better Conversion means getting more business with no extra marketing and no extra advertising, just your current traffic.

Conversion is getting website visitors to take an action such as getting in touch with you, joining your list or buying something.

Imagine how much time and money you could save if you could systematize the entire website creation process!

No Visitors?

Besides better conversion, there is only one other way you can make your website deliver better results – Get More traffic! 

What if you don’t have enough traffic right now? What if you get few or no website visitors? If that’s you, then there’s a 6th part that many people suddenly discover. They launch their new site and ….…Crickets. Nobody visits. Then what? What can you do?

Social Media

SEO website search optimization

Facebook ads

Google ads

What else?

With the Freedom Website Builder, we have you covered with all 6 Steps.

Freedom Website Builder includes Traffic Lab, our DIY online marketing tool kit and online course that shows you how to use all the main tools of online marketing. Plus which ones are right for your business.

And if you don’t want to do any of that yourself, we’re giving you a credit on a Done for You online campaign. You can use your credit on any of the campaigns below, which will be run for you by our Online Marketing Agency. This includes any of:

Facebook ads

Google ads

SEO & Content Marketing

An automated Email sequence – nurturing to sales emails

An Influencer Marketing Campaign

What’s Inside the Freedom Website Builder ?

Comprehensive, Step By Step Help and Advice for Every Part of Your Site

List Build Funnel

Automated Email

Your first Opt-In Gift - also known as a Lead Magnet or Freebie

Here are the elements and bonuses that you get, they’re valued at over $11,000 – but don’t worry, you don’t need to pay that. Or anything like it.

For a limited time, you can enrol in the Freedom Website Builder at a get started price of only US$997 and monthly instalments.

Ask me for details, book a time to talk.

Your website is an investment in your business that should quickly pay for itself...

You just need to know how to do it!

A Conversion Website to Support Your Business

Imagine finally having a website that works! Imagine…

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