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Many entrepreneurs want to outsource their online marketing so that they can focus on what they’re best at, to drive their business forward.

If you’re a business owner you’ll probably know that stressful moment when you realize you aren’t getting enough new business in the door, and the time to fix that was yesterday. But you’re still not sure what’s the best thing to do about it – because online marketing tech is difficult, you don’t have the time to learn it even if you wanted to, you don’t have a big budget and you’re not sure where to start.

We’re here to help you grow your business by gaining more and better website traffic, inquiries and leads.

Some entrepreneurs prefer to do their own online marketing, so to help them we offer Traffic Lab, DIY Online Marketing System, along with Done With You solutions where we collaborate on campaign creation.

At Turner Media Ltd, our business includes online directories and marketing systems including The International Coach Registry, Venues, Dark Skies and Equine Directories. We launched our first online directory in 2007, and since then, the basis of our business has been online marketing.

We know what works, our business depends on it. We’ll share with you the secrets to success in online marketing from our years of running our own campaigns along with campaigns for valued clients.

Rob Turner, Founder

Before my career in online marketing, I built a 7-figure financial services business which thrived on superior marketing and delivery.

I have 2 university degrees, one in the “soft skills” that I use in my work including linguistics, social sciences and arts and the other in the “hard skills” including investment markets, corporate finance and economics.

I am invited to join and chair company and charity boards and I was Chairman of our city’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia organization. I am on the board of a non-profit that imports telescopes and donates profits to astronomy and dark skies. 

I’ve been self-employed since my early 20s.

I have grown our digital businesses as virtual businesses which has given me the freedom to live in countries I love including New Zealand, France and India – where my pro-bono work includes enabling a micro business start-up.

If you want to grow your business through online marketing, online courses, building your personal brand or building an online following, I’d love to hear from you.



The Marble Board - My First Viral Product

Hi, I’m Rob Turner and I help entrepreneurs achieve the results and lifestyle they want by creating a steady flow of business.

When I was a kid at school, there was a period when playing marbles was a big thing. Success was a big marble bag, full of the most prized marbles that you’d won. I was 6 years old when the marble craze took hold at my school. In the first few months we played one on one marble games, a slow way to accumulate marble wealth.

One day, a disruption occurred.

Kids started making Marble Boards, wooden boards with tracks made from nails. Drop a marble in a gate at the top and the marble rolls down the track, a bit like pinball. The marble’s track determines the winner – roll to the left and the Board owner keeps the marble, to the right and the player wins. If you had a good marble board you could accumulate Marble Wealth fast, which was great as we didn’t have long to play at lunch time after eating our sandwiches.

I made a small Marble Board and it did OK. But just OK. At 6 years old, I KNEW I could do better! So I set to work. I walked into our local joinery factory and I found the perfect piece of wood in a scrap pile. I couldn’t believe my luck when the owner said I could take it. In a few hours I’d cleaned out my Dad’s nail stash and I was the proud owner of an amazing board with several tracks. It was big, much bigger than any board I’d seen before.  So much for Health & Safety or not letting small children loose with dangerous objects! Those were the days…

Off to school I went, the board nearly as big as me, wondering if my friends would play. Did they ever!  Kids queued up to play and I won HEAPS of marbles. My first successful product!

Unbeknownst to 6 year old me, I’d hit the perfect blend of demand, an attractive offer, gamification, customer satisfaction and commercial viability. I didn’t know it then, but I had discovered my great love of business and the power of leverage.

And I discovered the power of one-to-many product offers and marketing. Except, I was 6 and all I really cared about was the heap of marbles in my school bag.


The Marble Board has come to symbolize the work we do.

A Marble Board Campaign hits that sweet spot of demand, an attractive offer, customer satisfaction, commercial viability and getting the message out to the right customers. It brings innovation, enterprise, passion and success. We use gamification when we make online courses and quiz funnels. 

A Marble Board Campaign sees people lining up to buy, intrigued by the offer we’ve crafted, delighted to participate. And you hear the cash register ringing as the sales roll in, just like the sound of marbles rolling down my board, clinking and pinging on their way into my bag.


After an earlier career in investments and a background in finance, the arts and social science, in 2007 I discovered online marketing, the career I was destined for since I was 14 years old when we studied the language of advertising in English class. I was fascinated, totally hooked.
Would you believe that I love the challenge of crafting successful advertising messages in Google text ads using 2 very short lines of text! How to sell in 10 short words or less.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by creating online marketing campaigns that deliver.

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