Be Found in Free Search to Get Higher Quality Website Traffic

  • Increase your website’s traffic from free search, it’s the best traffic source 
  • Free search traffic is likely to be the highest quality traffic that you get to your website, with people coming from free search typically spending longer on your site and visiting more pages 
  • Optimize your website to succeed in search and to encourage the right people to click through to your site - by using on-site search engine optimization (SEO) factors built around keywords and other important ranking factors. To succeed in search, your site must be user friendly and trustworthy, and there are specific measures for these factors

Three keys to successful search engine optimization (SEO)

1. Help Google understand what you offer on the main pages of your website, so that your site is shown in relevant queries – this is on-page SEO

2. Persuade the right people to click to your website from search results – meta tags

3. Website usability and trust.

Usability and trust factors include an easy to use website that’s fast to load, mobile, popular, SSL secured, linked socially and with fresh, relevant, useful content.

Internal links help users and imply page importance. Inbound links from reputable sites are valuable. Links from less reputable sites are a negative factor. Domain age and renewal period also count.

SSL (https) encrypts data that people enter on your site, especially credit card information but also email addresses and names.

Google want to deliver a great result to people who are searching online, their business depends on it.

That means they really want to know what each page of your website is about and they want people to have a great experience when they visit a webpage they found in search.

Meet these requirements for search success.

Same for Bing and Yahoo.

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