Are You Missing Out On Free Website Traffic?

Free Traffic from Search is the Highest Quality Website Traffic there is.

Are you Getting Your Share?

Or is one of these killing your Free Traffic? 

  1. Google doesn’t know about your website
  2. Google doesn’t know enough about your website or is unimpressed
  3. Your website content isn’t what people are looking for
  4. Your site isn’t visible in search results
  5. When your site does show up in search results, not many people click to it
  6. When people do click through to your website, they don’t take the actions you want them to take – conversion.

We’ll analyse your website to reveal your Website Traffic Killer –  and what to do about it. 

Have your website appear in free search results, encourage the right people to click through and help them to take the action you want them to take: sign up, inquire or purchase. 

Three keys to successful search engine optimization
  1. Know what people are looking for online, provide that information and then help Google understand what you offer, so that your site shows up in search results. 
  2. Persuade the right people to click to your website from search results.
  3. Website quality, value, usability and trust.

Perhaps you’ve heard about Rich Results or SERP Features? These are non-tradional search results such as images, FAQs, sitelinks, People Also Ask and many more. They are more visibile, contain more information and get more clicks.

We’ll see how well your website is doing for Rich Results and if competitors are doing better. 

Usability and trust factors include an easy to use website that’s fast to load, mobile, popular, SSL secured, linked socially and with fresh, relevant, useful content.

Internal links help users and signify page importance. Inbound links from reputable sites – backlinks – are valuable. 

Google want to deliver a great result to people who are searching online, their business depends on it.

That means they really want to know what each page of your website is about and they want people to have a great experience when they visit a webpage they found in search.

Meet these requirements for Google search success.

Same goes for other search engines. 

Free search traffic is the is the highest quality traffic you can get

Quality traffic means: visitors who take the action that you want them to take, such as browse, engage, sign up, purchase, call you or inquire. High quality, free search traffic spends more time on your site, visits more pages and has a lower ‘bounce rate.’ Bounces are lost opportunities, they’re one-page visitors who don’t take any of the actions you want them to take on your site. They leave, never to return. Free search traffic has the lowest bounce rate of any website traffic.

To get Quality Free Traffic From Search you need your site to
• Show up in search results for the search terms that are most important to your business
• Give people a reason to click through to your website from the search results page.
This is the basis of SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  

What We Do For You Micro Optimization Business Optimization
Optimize Pages, selected based on their importance to your business, page popularity and keyword search volumes
Up to 3 pages
Up to 15 pages
Keyword research for your services, products or offers
Up to 2 main categories
Up to 4 main categories
Optimized SEO titles and descriptions for up to 15 pages. Includes page titles, meta descriptions, H1s and up to 2 ALT tags per page for images. These tags are essential for search engine rankings and also, to get people to click to your website
  • SiteScan - a detailed analysis and video commentary revealing your website’s issues and opportunities. Includes speed test, mobile test and popularity, all of which are Google ranking factors. Understand how your website is performing, see what needs improving, identify the opportunities for quick and easy gains. Value US$497
  • Analyse Rich Results features available in your market, assess the competition and optimize your site for suitable Rich Results. We use an app to maintain the code, US$15 per month from month 4.
  • Google Tools setup, or search data assessment if already installed – Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Data includes - Sources, volumes and quality of your website traffic - Pages that people land on and leave from your site - Keywords for which your site shows up in search results and your site’s click through rate for those keywords – plus recommended actions
  • Discover how your website shows up in Google search results. Google search results page enhancement so you improve your search ranking. Featuring snippets and Google My Business.
  • Indexation – ensure that relevant pages are indexable by search engines, and also, identify and exclude any pages that should not be crawled and indexed by search engines
  • Sitemap – tell search engines about the structure of your site to improve your indexation results
  • Advice on the proper set up of internal links and anchor text, which adds value for website visitors and is a factor for search engines
  • Check SSL and site versions – http/https, www/not – avoid running several versions of your site, diluting your Google juice and squandering your search budget
  • Look for search problems and errors, define steps to be taken
  • Monthly Google Analytics reports with video or written commentary
    3 Months
    4 Months
    Advice on gaining backlinks. These are links to your site from other sites. They are an important source of new traffic and also a Google ranking factor
  • Assess structure of URLs and provide commentary
  • How to handle duplicates within your site or copied content that’s on other sites. These are negative ranking factors and dilute your search rankings
  • Advice on YouTube search optimization
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