What do you think is the

#1 reason

your Real Estate website is underperforming?

None of these is the reason why

The real reason?

Your Website Should Be A Lead Generation Funnel...

But Very Few Are

Did You Know That A Real Estate Agent’s Website

Should Actually Be A Funnel?

A Question

What is the #1, single most important thing that you want people to do when they land on your website?

ANSWER: The Single Most Important Thing That You Want Them to Do Is Contact You

In 3 to 7 seconds, a website visitor will decide whether to stay or leave your site for good.

Does Your Website Encourage People to Stay, Attract Their Attention and Make Contacting You Super Appealing, Super Obvious and Easy To Do?

Is contacting you obvious and visible on your site above the fold – the first screen before people scroll down?

That is the place to locate your primary CTA, which for Real Estate Agents is your Contact CTA – a call to action mechanism – that asks people to do that single most important single thing.   

Without the right Contact CTA in that position, your site is likely to be underperforming

Your Website As A Funnel

Most websites are not set up for conversion – getting people to take that single most important action. 

Your Real Estate Business & Why You Have A Website

The reason that you have a website is because you want people to get in touch with you. You want people to make contact – by phone, email or online chat.

Those contacts are “Conversions”. 

The big gains for your business will come from increasing Conversions from website visitors.

The big gains for your business will come from increasing conversions from website visitors

What Kind of Real Estate Business Do You Have?

Match Your Business Type and Stage with Your Website

Different kinds of businesses need different kinds of websites

Starting Out

You might have a brokerage provided website. It’s simple, quick and low cost

Making Sales

Now that you’re becoming established, you want your own brand and more control over your messages and marketing. You need your own website

Working with Developers, Investors or Landlords

You need a strong personal brand and you need to start building an email list for ongoing marketing. You need your own website

The purpose of your website is to grow your business by getting you in touch with people, whether that’s by phone, chat or email – a Conversion. 

But many sites don't do this

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Most websites over-do the information

Too much information!

They throw everything at website visitors in the hope that something will stick.

Lots of info – an ‘everything but the Kitchen Sink’ approach – many pages, many menu tabs, even drop-down lists from the menu tabs.

The result?

Confusion and overwhelm!

Confused visitors leave without taking action.

If it isn’t super obvious what you want people to do when they land on your site, they’ll do nothing and leave.

How does this happen?

These websites were not designed by people who know first-hand what’s required to run a profitable online business.
Simplify the clutter. Have no more than 4 to 6 items on your top menu, remove everything else, and use an extended footer navigation. Simple navigation converts better – less confusion, less choice. More choice reduces conversion.  

Four Tips

Conversion CTAs on the top part of your home page
Matching your type and stage of business to your website structure, mechanisms and messaging
Declutter the top of your pages, no more than 4 to 6 items
The 4th Tip is Micro Commitments

 Think about when you sign up to receive a free download. You click a button to get the download, then a small window pops up, and you enter your name and email. At each step you’re asked to take another tiny step, each one insignificant in itself. Each step is a ‘micro-commitment.’

Usually there are a few more steps too, more micro commitments.

At each step – each micro commitment – the brain response is that you’ve gone this far already, you may as well take another tiny step.

Micro commitments, CTAs in the right positions, uncluttered simple layouts and matching your business type to your website design, all increase conversion.

Freedom Websites for Real Estate Agents

We create powerful websites for real Estate Agents.

We offer a powerful, done for you, conversion website at a sharp price. 

9 Reasons for Real Estate Agents To Have Their Own Websites

1. Leads. You get all the leads, no lead sharing.

2. Establish and develop your own brand, build your credibility.

3. Easily and quickly publish your own content, videos and more. Link to your social channels and videos. Establish your voice.

4. Present Professionally – Build Your Profile for important prospects – Investors, Developers and Landlords

5. Reach website visitors who didn’t get in touch, yet. When you have your own website, you can add pixels and tags to enable you to show Facebook or Google ads to anyone who visited your website, or just to people who looked at certain pages of your site. For example – you know when you visit a website, and then you see ads from that site as you browse online? That’s Remarketing and it’s possible for your business too.

6. Be found in free search by prospective clients – search engine optimization, SEO.

7. Free Google Tools. Free Google Tool #1, Google My Business – showing up better in search. This is a free Google tool that shows up in search results. It can also showcase a property you are selling this week, or your next Open House.
Free Google Tool #2 – Google Analytics gives you data on the amount, quality and source of your website traffic, and lots more.

8. List building, lead magnets – get more leads, build an email list. Ideal for agents whose business would benefit from email marketing eg to developers, investors, landlords etc.

9. Layout options. We use pathway CTAs which are a highly effective way of showing what you specialize in and segmenting your visitors. For example, you can have 3 or 4 boxes on your home page, each aimed at a different market – Are You Looking At Downsizing? Are You Wondering If You Can Buy Your First Home? Do You Want to Know More About Military Relocations and Finance Options? Are You A Real Estate Investor? Each box takes people to a different page on your site and each page is designed to get leads for you.

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